Spend more time interacting with baby using these fun and whimsical pieces from the Mommy & Me Activity Collection. Whether it's bath time or dinner time, these engaging items keep the baby entertained while you take care of necessary tasks. Each piece is made from soft, colorful fabric and designed by Artist, Jennifer Heynen. Her wearable designs are inspired by the experience of raising her own children. Give the baby a safe place to play anytime with this Activity Blankie - Dog. It has black and white stripes and a white dog's head with black floppy ears sewn onto one corner. Large semi-circle accent pieces in different black and white patterns are also attached to the sides of this blankie. Some of the patterns and designs on the accent pieces include a white background with black polka dots, a short tape measure, furry fabric, and plastic rings. It's a fun gift to mom at a baby shower, or a practical purchase as the baby gets older!

Activity Blankie - Dog

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