Spring is almost here!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Spring is the time of year we start to slowly emerge from our homes, and the dark winter. It usually gives me a renewed feeling of hope, and feeling refreshed. With it gives a new sense of courage, purpose, intention, and even more hope. We open our windows when the temperature gets above 50 degrees, shake out our curtains and rugs, and start cleaning out the closets.

If you are like me spring cleaning begins, but doesn't always get accomplished. So this year I am going in with Courage, Purpose, Intention and tons of Hope!

So just like at the store, I start going through things that I have been looking at for a minimum of 3 months, and start putting them in an area that distinguishes that I need to put the items on sale. At home I always give things a year, then I decide what it is, and what to do with it. Starting one room at a time gives you the sense of accomplishment before getting discouraged. Diving into the kitchen is always the first for me. Mainly because it gets used all day everyday.

Start at the bottom, cabinets that is. Take everything out and put it all on the floor, counter, kitchen table, etc. Wipe the cabinets down before you put everything back in. Here's the secret to fitting it all back in; If you haven't used it since last spring, you probably won't use it until next spring either, so put it in a box to the side. I'm not talking about those catering pieces that you use when you host Thanksgiving dinner. I am talking about the bowl you forgot you even had. Once you finish the bottom cabinets, head to the top, and then finally the pantry and fridge. Then it is time to clean the stove and outside of cabinets. Now you are ready to cook a meal in what feels like a new kitchen.

Next I usually dive into the dining room and living room. Starting with my favorite cloths, #MicrofiberGlassCleaningCloths - Lint Free - Streak Free. Quickly and easily clean windows & mirrors without chemicals. They are amazing on the windows and light fixtures. So easy to get things done quickly. I also strip my sofa down and throw it all into the wash machine (mine is a washable fabric, so check to make sure yours is too before washing them). Then I package up my throw pillows, and get my pillows for spring. Nothing easier than just changing pillows around for the season. Clean out those vases with winter greenery and add spots of spring colors instead. Peonies are my favorite to use. Don't forget to wipe down those walls. I cheat and just use a dry floor swifter.

Now you are onto the bedrooms! These can be the biggest challenge. Working one room at a time seems less daunting. I always start by flipping the mattress, and clean every nook and cranny of the bed frame. Then the light fixtures. Make sure you add new spring throw pillows in here too. I like to add a throw blanket in spring colors at the end of the bed too. Now for the dreaded closet. Get a box out for giveaway, a box for winter clothes storage, and a box for keep. As you pull out the clothes start putting them in the right boxes. If you haven't worn it in a year, let it go! It is always a great excuse to get a new outfit! Once everything is out start wiping it all down, and put all the clothes in the keep box back in the closet. Don't forget to do this with your dresser too.

Time for coat closets! This can be even worse, and sometimes stinky when it comes to kids and their winter clothes. I automatically toss everything in the washer before I organize. It is amazing how they don't walk by themselves! Grab those boxes that you used in the bedrooms, because these closets clean out the same way as the bedroom closets. This is also the best time to reorganize for next year's winter season.

Last but not least, the bathrooms. Time to get a garbage can, and another box for keep items. Start taking everything out. Don't forget to toss those makeup items that have been around since summer, or maybe the hair products you thought you would try, and they didn't live up to your expectations. After everything is out I usually wipe everything down with a disinfectant. Yes, I am one of those. It's the bathroom! I also wipe down the walls and everything else with a disinfectant too. You can never be too clean in the bathroom.

Ya! You are done with your inside spring cleaning! Now we hope that summer is officially on its way, and we can continue our spring cleaning outside.

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