Mixing old & new

Here we are in a world of even more uncertainties than we have ever had. Uncertain of what tomorrow brings, uncertain of what the next week brings, even uncertain of whether we are going to lock our kids, or spouses, in a closet for the day.

One thing that is certain is we can always redecorate with some of our old decor and mix it with new decor. I love that a lot of new decor has the rustic, repurposed look.

Here I painted an old buffet cabinet, and added a new metal with wood frame above it, a new basket (https://www.rustypetuniasmarketplace.com/product-page/wood-basket-w-leather-handles, and placed a faux plant (https://www.rustypetuniasmarketplace.com/product-page/faux-fiddle-fig-leaf-plant in it. I also added 100 year old Harvard books, and a couple of jars in a carrier (https://www.rustypetuniasmarketplace.com/product-page/rustic-utensil-basket-set. One of the jars went M.I.A., and no one is owning up, hmmm...

I placed a tall lamp next to it so it helped balance out the plant on the other side, and to hide the curtains I am so ready to replace.

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