About Us

Rusty Petunias started a while back, around 2010, as a small rented space inside of a vintage market in Florida. It was only a 10 x 10 space so selling a few pieces a month kept me busy. I have always dreamed of owning my own store, so selling my repurposed furniture was a great start. I just never dreamed we would own a store in a small downtown area.

After living in Florida for five years we realized it just was not our place to live. Our hearts were still in Michigan. So we packed up, headed towards family, and ended up in Alpena. Kevin had grown up in the Detroit area, and I mainly lived there most of my life, but neither of us wanted the fast paced city. Madison and I still miss it though!

We moved into a little summer home in town right away. After we found the perfect house to completely remodel to move into, I decided to go shopping downtown. I had seen a closed sign on one of my favorite stores, The Marketplace. I knew even then it is a retail space that should not go away. So I took my love for retail (30 + years of love) and decided to make Rusty Petunias into a large store. In May of 2018 Rusty Petunias Marketplace opened its doors. After being open for only a year I had to rethink the repurposed items and go towards what most customers wanted, gifts, home decor and kitchen gadgets. We have added a few things in the past couple of years, and we plan on added more. We hope you love our store as much as we do!